During this festive Ramadan season, Boat Noodle has prepared a special menu that will commence throughout the whole day and month of Ramadan 2017. 

RAMADAN FEAST (suitable for 2-4 pax)

– Price: RM29.90 (without GST)

– Available throughout the whole day

– Promo set duration: 27 May 2017 – 24 May 2017 (1 month of Ramadan)

– Items:

   1 x Chicken meatballs

   1 x Beef Meatballs

   1 x Chicken Wings

   1 x Chickaboom

   1 x Tempura

   1 x bowl of Thai chilli sauce

   1 x bowl of Yellow sauce

   Choice of either 2 x Krapow Chicken Rice (as usual serving) 

   OR 2 x Hulk Smash Green Curry (as usual serving)

Apart from this very special menu, Boat Noodle outlets throughout Malaysia will be receiving pre-orders from customers and bookings, one hour before iftar.